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Danny Chase

When I first decided to pursue a career in voiceover, I quickly realized that sifting through the overwhelming amount of information available online is a daunting task, let alone figuring out whether it’s valid or not. Chuck and Stacey changed everything.

VO Buzz Weekly is an incredible (and free!) resource to gain an insider’s understanding of how the industry functions. Through their show, I studied all the basics, found a reputable coach, and even picked out a “dream agent” that I knew I would work well with.

I eventually contacted Chuck about a commercial demo and my experience was incredible! From the first meeting to the final edit, he was super supportive, communicative, and giving with his time and energy. Add to that Stacey’s custom scripts, and I walked away with an awesome demo that showcased my abilities, matched the current market trends, and sounded amazing.

Afterward, Chuck helped me with my marketing materials and gave me some great advice to make sure I was approaching agents the right way. Before long, I had an amazing agent in Los Angeles. And the kicker? It was the same “dream agent” who I first saw on VO Buzz Weekly. There’s a reason why they say, “Chuck is the best.” Many reasons, actually. He knows his business, he knows the market, he’s fun to work with, and he takes the time to do it right.

Graeme Spicer

Demos are to voice actors what business cards and resumes are to the corporate world - and you never have a second chance to make a first impression. There are many sources for demos out there, and it's tough to navigate the cluttered terrain. To make the choice even more difficult, demos are highly subjective, and everyone claims to be the best.

I know of only one way to properly evaluate a demo - am I booking more work? My new commercial and broadcast narration demos from Demos That Rock paid for themselves through fresh bookings within 15 days. Chuck clearly knows what are the current trends out there in the real world of casting directors and agents. 'Nuff said.

Domonic King

I’ve been knocking on agency doors for the past few years with no response and the day after Chuck guided me on how to best approach agents they responded within hours. That is crazy!

A lot of times we think we know what we want on our demo but Chuck knows what the agencies want to hear. He’s definitely up on the trends. Chuck also has a process to make SURE your final product will not only stand out but it will be right in line with what is booking in the market today.

I’ve been able to get regional representation before meeting Chuck but I was never able to crack the LA market. Well, after Chuck finished my bangin’ promo demo he left me with some advice and tips that changed everything. When I tell you the very day I emailed one particular agency.... they emailed me back the SAME DAY! That’s kind of unheard of but now have major LA representation thanks to Chuck Duran.

I’ve always heard people compliment his work on social media and VO Buzz Weekly, but I had to find out for myself. Let me personally tell you if you’re trying to take your career to the next level... get yourself a Demo That Rocks!

Kim Strauss

If you want to work in this business, you must start with THE BEST demo you can possibly put together.

Chuck Duran is always my only recommendation whenever anyone asks where to get a great demo done. He has produced top notch demos for me for more years than I care to admit, and I would never even think of going anywhere else.

Chuck's ability to capture and showcase my range of talents in less than two minutes is flat out stellar. I am represented across the nation by the best agents and managers in the business, and there is no doubt in my mind that the demos Chuck produced for me absolutely helped make that happen.

Fast, professional, fun, always positive, a joy to work with and talented beyond words, (and I'm not even sleeping with him), Chuck is hands down the best demo producer in the business. If you want your demos to rock, you'd be crazy to go anywhere else!

Virgilio Davis

Genuine is the word that comes to mind when describing Chuck Duran and his work. This talented young man's, ethics and professional product go indescribably beyond measure. A close friend recommended Chuck Duran to me and I was told that he was the best in all of Los Angeles, and he is.

My session was inviting, jovial and a sheer joy. Chuck takes the initiative to know his clients, fully, prior to a session and engages in fervent study of their strengths, celebrating them in their final recording product. When searching for an agent, not only does he actively pursue the best matches possible but also monitors and follows up with each of his client's progress.

I found that Chuck's stellar reputation superseded him, landing me with one of the Top 10 talent agencies in Hollywood. He is respected among his contemporaries in the entertainment industry and I am thankful that I met and recorded with Chuck Duran. I owe the success of my career in Hollywood to him.

Steve French

Simply put, if you are a voice over talent at ANY level, working with Chuck Duran is one of the best career moves you can make. Here’s why:

Chuck is a complete artist. He’s got so much experience he could produce your demo blindfolded, but at every step of the way he seeks your input to give you exactly what YOU want. His natural energy and excitement will leave you walking on air, and his precise constructive criticism will keep you grounded and headed in the right direction.

I loved every step of the process - from our first email communications to the 2 hour pre-production meeting to the recording session, Chuck always made me feel like I was his most important client (even though I know how preposterously busy he is!).

Right after Chuck and I worked together on my new promo demo, I signed with one of LA’s top voice over agencies, and they put my new demo to use right away.

It immediately started opening doors for me, and in just the last year I've recorded promos for NBC, FOX, DC Universe, and this fall I had the honor of being the promo voice for THE MANDALORIAN, which became the number one streaming show in the world. A surreal dream come true.

Chuck Duran has changed my life. This has been the most exciting year of my VO career, and he helped jump start it all.

David Quane

My demo was the best I've ever heard my voice. All of my agents called me one by one to say that it was one of the best demos they've ever heard. My manager called to say he can't stop listening to it.

And I told everybody the same thing, "Chuck Duran".

For people who are new to the voice over industry, you create a very comfortable working environment. In all honesty you're a good guy and a consummate professional so this comfort ability that your clients get really shows through in their demo.

I remember you saying, "Everything that we'll be doing to cut your demo will be no different than recording a voice over in the real world" and this is absolutely true. From interpreting copy to taking your direction to technique inside the booth. I personally left our session with a much better understanding of what casting directors seek from a voice over industry professional. I really enjoyed our time working together and look forward to recording our next one.

Thanks Chuck!

Ron Henry

Hi Chuck, I have to express my gratitude for the work you did with me on my demo. Your personal attention and dedication was unending. I had specific goals and reasons for recording with you.

From the first day we spoke, your honesty, your demeanor, and your knowledge of the industry showed far above all the other Voiceover demo producers I had called. With you I felt that you didn't just want to make a demo for the money, but that you wanted to make a demo that would represent your business and your success as well.

We were able to record a demo that I was proud of and that really got some attention. And thanks to your encouragement and you're amazing work, I signed with a top V.O. agency today! That's what a "ROCKIN' DEMO" is supposed to do!

Thanks Chuck!

Griffin Burns

The thing about Chuck Duran that sets him apart, aside from being a really cool, down to earth guy, is that he delivers exactly what he says he'll deliver - personalized scripts that are both unique and cutting edge, top notch direction while you're in the booth, and most important, a demo that is so freakin' awesome you'll have listened to it 100 times by the time you're home from the last session.

And here's the kicker…after mailing out my demos on the 13th of May I got a call on the 17th from one of LA's top agents asking me to come in for an interview. Within a few days I was already out auditioning.

If you want results, you'll want to work with Chuck Duran.

Sean Taliaferro

I had an amazing experience at World Digital! Chuck really knows the business inside and out and was able to pick out great scripts that not only suited my voice and style but also were great examples of what's really hot in the voice-over market today.

He made me feel very comfortable so that I could feel relaxed and perform my best. The result was a fantastic demo! Good enough to have two of the biggest agencies in L.A. call me in to read for them within a month.

Doesn't get much better than that! Thank YOU Chuck Duran!

Mark Mintz

Hey Chuck, I hope you are well. I thought I would drop you a note to give you a quick update. As you know, I signed with an agency recently.

I am excited to share that just this week I booked a series of four spots for City National Bank! Now I have to join the Union....a quality problem to have! Anyway, I want to thank you again for your help with my Demos. They have been very instrumental in launching my VO career.

Audrey Kelley

I took a great voiceover class at Kalmenson & Kalmenson. Really learned technique, but still needed someone to help me produce my voiceover demo reel.

After a little searching, I found Chuck Duran on the internet and listened to the samples he had posted, I was impressed and knew that this guy knew exactly what he was doing. So I met with Chuck and was again impressed by his enthusiasm and attention to detail. He was so familiar with the business and he was also so supportive of my efforts to get into the voiceover business.

So on October 15th we recorded my demo. His direction was spot on! He also did an amazing job with the foley and background music. Part of Chuck's package includes marketing. He sat down with me and explained (in great detail) a plan for packaging, submitting my demo and contacting agents.

I mailed my demo out on Oct 29th and on November 5th (just 7 days later) a major voiceover agency called me to set up an audition. They wanted to hear me do animation as well, but I didn't have an animation demo, so I called Chuck and arranged a tutoring session for animation. He listened to and helped me tweak my characters. The audition was on Nov. 11th and on Nov. 12th, CESD asked me to sign!


Lindsay Schnebly

Chuck not only produced a kick-ass promo and trailer demo for me, he made the whole process fun. It felt like playtime! The new demos captured exactly the sound I knew I was capable of delivering for clients. And Chuck knew exactly how to get me there. Chuck is the best in Los Angeles and his rates are extremely competitive.

Chuck Duran gets it DONE!

Debra Mark

Hey Chuck, Just wanted to let you know that I got an agent! You were right. You said I was great and that my demo rocked and I would get an agent!

When I went on my interview, the agent said my demo was kudos to you! He said he gets tons of demos submissions and mine stood out! I will certainly tell everyone to go to you for that rockin' demo!

Thanks Chuck!

Charlee Redman

Chuck Duran continues to be an amazing source of support through my VO career. He is, without a doubt, THE BEST director I have ever worked with - always pulling superior deliveries out of me (not always an easy feat!). And he's a hell of a lot of fun to be in-studio with, too!!

The production of my demos speaks for itself - clearly superior. Chuck was also instrumental in me landing a NY agent, and he continues to put me in touch when required.

I've worked with Chuck for the last 7 or so years, and will continue to do so as long as he'll have me. I highly recommend Chuck without reservation.

Chuck Duran goes above and beyond.

Lili Wexu

Chuck was my uncontested choice when it came to my Movie Trailer and TV Imaging demos.

I believe his VO experience, incredible "Producer ear", and pure creativity empower him tremendously as a Demo producer, enabling him to deliver a superior product.

But most importantly perhaps for us VO actors, he knows what the clients wants to hear at the other end: my clients, -old, new and potential, were all impressed by the demos and they've definitely given me an edge over other talent in landing jobs.

As far as the process, it was professional, yet relaxed, creative and fun. And his concise directions and enthusiasm were an easy grab for me; he gave me the confidence to be the absolute best I could be. His genius is obvious, even hundreds of miles away through an ISDN line.

J.B. Blanc

Dear Chuck, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how happy I was with the demo you made for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you - you were professional and courteous, without any of the usual BS that one may encounter in the business. Not just that, but we had a lot of fun too, which is rare.

The demo has produced big results in a very short time; I got an agent straight away and have been booking gigs ever since. I am totally convinced that I couldn't have done it without the professionalism, appropriate choice of scripts and extremely high production values that you gave my demo.

I can't thank-you enough and have already recommended you to many of my friends.

Fred Coury

I was referred to Chuck Duran from a friend who said he was the "best in the business" so I (who had absolutely NO voice over experience at all) figured I'd try him out.

Holy cow! My VO demo was so good that I got signed to one of the biggest VO agencies in the world and booked the first audition I ever went on! And it was a National!

Chuck's guidance and advice is priceless and I still think of what he's taught me on every audition that I go on. He really is, without a doubt, the best in the business.

Stacey J. Aswad

When I moved to LA, I asked around for recommendations for demo producers. Everyone told me, "Beware of those $700 demos that someone records for you in their "bedroom closet home studio." It'll end up costing you way more money to fix it before an agent will give you the time of day. Don't waste your time and money, just call Chuck Duran. He is the best demo producer in the business."

I still did my due diligence and called a few other people but they did not impress me at all. I knew the first time I talked with Chuck on the phone, he was the one!

What makes him so great? Chuck takes the time in the initial meeting to get to know you and your personality. He chooses material that is current, cutting edge and custom tailored for you.

He is incredibly professional and personable and makes your recording session fun. His follow-up is truly exceptional. Chuck guides you through the entire process of submitting to agents, and his advice and tips absolutely work.

With his help, I submitted to the best agents and got several meetings. Every agent I met with said my demo was produced perfectly, really showcased my vocal abilities and was exactly what they wanted to hear. I signed with a top VO agency, and starting getting work right away.

This year alone, I have booked fifteen McDonald's commercials. Woohoo!!! I think the things that impress me the most about Chuck are that he's a gifted, creative and patient director who helps you deliver your very best read.

He also produces hundreds of real commercials and knows the business inside and out. I have Chuck Duran to thank for helping me get started in the voiceover business, he is a gem.

Janet Ault

My experience with Chuck during my promo demo session was nothing short of "magical." Chuck makes you feel at ease with his great sense of humor and his wonderful hospitality. He has an innate and uncanny ability to get you to deliver a performance that is in the stratosphere. His production skills don't overpower your performance; they only complement it!

If you want a demo that ROCKS, Chuck is your man!

Tre Gibbs

After considering several different producers, I made the decision to go with Chuck - and it's a decision I couldn't have been happier about.

After submitting my demo, I've gotten calls from three of the top agencies in L.A. AND New York, allowing me to select an agent, rather than the agent selecting me.

Dave Mallow

Recording a new voice demo is a big deal, right? It's going to be your vocal calling card for some time to come and it's got to be competitive in a very tough market. So relax, already, you've come to the right place.

Chuck's been working with voice clones for a long time. He's got a great ear and in terms of both delivery and technology and he knows what it takes to bring the best out of you.

In fact, he'll make you sound better than that. It has something to do with his magic mojo with electrons, buttons, filters and eleven herbs and spices, let's just leave it there. Plus, the experience won't feel like a trip to the dentist; this Duran guy is almost aggravatingly pleasant to be around.

All seriousness aside, Chuck's not only helped me connect with my own abilities and assisted with an agent change, but has also become a valued friend (and I don't like anybody). Your money and time will be well spent.

Larry Cahn

I cannot recommend Chuck strongly enough.

His knowledge of the business, combined with an intuitive sense of who you are and where you fit into that business, makes this process enjoyable, informative and productive.

Chuck helps you every step of the way, from the choice of material, to vocal technique and performance direction. And in a very short time, I had two professional sounding, professional looking demos.

And in an even shorter time, I had an agent! Chuck's the best — don't settle for less.

Scott Laverty

Before meeting Chuck Duran, I had completed a few demos with another demo producer, but I felt they weren't quite "cutting it." Then I met Chuck, and that is when my voice over career took flight.

What a genius! What a fun Experience! What a talented guy! I have never met anyone who was this committed to excellence. Chuck's demos sound like real spots pulled straight from television or radio. When you walk into his studio you are in his hands, and the magic begins.

I have to say that if you are truly ready to record a, as well as your demo, will sound exceptional after working with Chuck. I have always said that he has the capability and extreme talent to make ANYONE sound absolutely incredible. Chuck is to demos, what Michelangelo is to art. Simply the BEST!

Bill Ballenberg

If someone were to ask me who is hands-down the best demo producer in the country, I wouldn't have to think twice: Chuck Duran. There's just no contest.

I've been working with Chuck for six or seven years, and though we've worked together on multiple demos through several updates, we've never actually met. I've never set foot in World Digital Studios. Even though I'm NY-based, Chuck and I have been able to work very effectively with a regular phone patch. I record in my home studio, upload the raw files and Chuck does his magic in LA. Getting the finished files always makes me feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

His direction is spot-on. He keeps it playful and light-handed, yet he's always clear just where the read needs to wind up, to showcase your skills in the best way possible. I work with directors every day, and he's got an ear that's among the very best in the business.

Just this year, directly from the demos, I've booked two major national TV documentaries, increased my commercial and narration bookings , and a top LA agent added me to their roster after hearing my demos on Voicebank. You can't ask more from a demo than that!

Julie O'Dell

Chuck Duran is an incredible mentor and demo producer.

A couple of months after producing my demo I received a call from one of the most sought after A-list agents for representation. He is one of a kind at his craft and has always been there for me. Long after producing my demo, I have called on him numerous occasions for everything from demo reproductions, to setting up my own studio.

He is simply the best, and I would not be where I am today without the support and guidance of CHUCK DURAN!

Tad Brown

In my experience, the demo was the most important tool. With the help of Chuck, I have one that is top notch.

I landed a top LA agent within a few weeks and had more calling. Some friends have paid less and sadly, their demo sounds like it. Why would you scrimp on the most important tool in the voice-over business?

Cameo Martine

Having been an actress on stage and on-camera for years I had done voiceovers here and there. I decided I wanted to do more. Took the classes and honed my craft.

When it was time to do the dreaded demo I did my research, met with the top 3 demo producers and well there was something about Chuck. He did not talk in circles as if trying to keep the trade secrets.

Chuck was informative, patient and soooo willing to answer questions. I did my demo with him and had a great time. Chuck did not stop there. He followed up with agent info and any questions I had.

My first submission with Chuck's guidance and Bam! I was called by a reputable agent who loved my demo and Art ( my design, So in this case, it helped) looked further, saw produced by: Chuck Duran, so they listened! (Agent said: "Chuck always produces great demos") I never finished the 2nd choices. I had the agent I wanted!!!! Thank you Chuck!!!!!

Orion Acaba

I came to Chuck green as grass and very unsure as to how to go about my career. The time, effort and care Chuck gave me has shaped me into the performer I am today.

He made me feel completely at ease and taught me how to understand direction, projection and emotion in my reads. I account a lot of where I am today in my voiceover career to the demo Chuck produced for me. And when agents, managers and other VO actors listen and compliment me on my demo and ask… "who did your demo?" I always reply with a grin, Chuck Duran.

Serious people in the business know exactly who I'm talking about and it makes me feel great! Thanks Chuck!

Joe Cipriano

When friends or colleagues ask me for advice on where to go to have their demo produced, the first name out of my mouth is Chuck Duran. I've recommended Chuck many times and have always been blown away by what he is able to elicit from the talent who walk through his doors. In a word, it's "impressive." In two words it's, "frickin' impressive."

Seriously, it's more than just getting the read that's right for that particular actor, it's also just as important in my mind to showcase that talent surrounded by production that screams, "National spots." Chuck's production is first rate and he has a killer ear when it comes to cobbling together a :60 second story, that showcases the voice over talent's many moods and shadings. I would recommend Chuck even if he didn't give me $20 bucks to write this.

Kean Eli

I studied hard, perfected my skills, and was ready to take it to the next level and join the professional world of voiceover. The only thing holding me back; No Demo.

On a recommendation I went to Chuck Duran, completely naive as to what made a demo really great. Chuck not only created a Demo That Rocks, but gave me a crash course in the business of voiceover. From pin-pointing my vocal signature, branding, and a marketing plan to providing invaluable insights into how to get an agent and booking jobs.

Chuck delivers more than just a demo and goes above and beyond. He put me on fast-track to success and the results are already beginning to show. I am now taking meetings with the top agencies in Los Angeles. All thanks, in large part, to Chuck! (who also happens to be a really cool dude.)

Dan Nachtrab

As the old saying goes “Sometimes you have to create your own luck.” After many years of working, practice, and training, I finally felt I was ready to break into the NY market for promo. Two LA agents and one well known coach all recommended Chuck Duran for my new promo, trailer, and commercial demos. Within a few weeks of receiving the demos, luck was pounding on my door with a premiere New York talent agency and promos for a major network. Both goals were achieved without a doubt from the demos Chuck Duran produced for me.

Demos That Rock is an understatement; it should be Demos That Rock Like F’n Amadeus!

Pete Gustin

Why do Chuck's demos rock? Well let me start with the end result first... I sent my demos out at 11am on a Tuesday and within 3 minutes of hitting the send button, no joke, 3 minutes…. 2 of the agencies had e-mailed back saying they loved my stuff and wanted to talk! So how did I get there? Well, it was all thanks to Chuck. He started by picking out material that was perfect for MY voice. He took the time to figure out my range and where I'd sound best and gave me material to help highlight and showcase my strengths.

Next, his direction was incredible! Chuck knows exactly the sound he needs to get from you and he knows exactly how to get it. I got very specific instruction in a kind and helpful way that made the process a joy. Seriously, I had FUN doing it! Finally, the end result… well, it speaks for itself. Listen to any of the demos he's done for me or anyone else and you'll know that his vocal processing, direction, overall mix and sound design are truly second to none and will definitely have you standing out from the massive sea of your peers. All of that, combined with some helpful tips on marketing my "brand" literally changed my prospects as a VO dude. That's why I can without a doubt say that Chuck rocks!!!!

Shane J. Cormier

I am an agency owner with departments in multiple countries. I been a voiceover agent and voice director for actors new to the industry, seasoned professionals and celebrity - names such as, Leonardo Dicaprio, Gene Hackman, Armie Hammer, Keira Knightly and Uma Thurman to name only a few.

A voiceover actor’s headshot is their voiceover demo reel and much like on-camera acting, if you don’t look good - or sound good - you’re not going to find your way into any doors. Having a good demo puts you 50% ahead of your competition but having a great demo puts you in the top 10%. You must be within this top 10% to have an opportunity to create a career in voice acting.

As a voiceover agent, I’m sure you can imagine how many demos we receive on a daily basis. At this moment, I have 900 demos we have yet to review. When we do listen to the demo, you are lucky if we listen for longer than 7 seconds. This is why it is critical to have a professionally produced great demo, and this is where Chuck Duran comes in.

I have had clients produce demos with virtually every high-end demo producer in the industry and I tell you with complete honesty that there is no one better than Chuck Duran, in this world - and I am not exaggerating! Chuck’s demo’s, really aren’t demos, they’re actual spots - or at least that’s the way they sound, and “sound” is what this is all about. Additionally, we always put recommendations from Chuck at the top of the pile.

The thing about Chuck Duran is that he does something special when he produces demos. I do not understand how he is able to do this, but in addition to producing the worlds best voiceover demos, he actually makes the voice actor better! Perhaps it’s his innate ability to connect with actors and communicate his vast knowledge. I can attest to this because I have had clients produce demos (or new demos) with Chuck and once they finish with him, they are noticeably better in the booth.

While there are many fantastic demo producers in the industry, Chuck Duran is always my first recommendation for the simple reason that Chucks Demo’s makes us money. I highly recommend Chuck Duran’s services and hope that he continues to produce demos. My ears thank him! ~Shane J. Cormier CEO Idiom Worlwide

Tom Bauer

Ever since we cut my Commercial demo. Things have just been awesome. I got signed with a major agency in L.A. and I've since gotten representation in Florida and Colorado for Voice Over!

I've been booking like crazy! Not just in commercials, but also in Video Games, Audio Books, and even Animation! The kick-ass demo you produced for me and the advice you've given has taken me pretty far and has even allowed me to go Full-Time with Voice Over.

I wanted to share these victories with you, as there's no way I can thank you enough for helping me on my way to making my dream come true. You rock Chuck!

Keesha Scott-Hogan

There aren't enough words to express how awesome Chuck Duran is!! His knowledge and understanding of the VoiceOver business is unlike any I've seen (and I have been in this city for a while!) From the beginning of my endeavors, he brought me to an amazing coach and mentored and recorded an amazing demo for me. All of this led to signing with a top VoiceOver agent and booking jobs! This guy truly knows his stuff! I'm forever grateful to him!

Mark Holcomb

Hey Chuck! Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your help and guidance last year I have a pretty steady "part-time" voice over job. Hopefully I can transition it into full-time soon. Since December, I have voiced a number of radio spots, over 60 explainer videos, an audio-book with 9 more to go and I also just finished a Visa commercial that will run nationally.

With the time that I have available to do voice-overs, I have been pretty busy with at least one paying job every day. Again, thanks for kick-starting my career with a demo that rocks and continues to rock!

Natalie Gray

You cannot afford to NOT have Chuck Duran produce your demo!

I went to Chuck on the recommendation of my audiobook coach, and I couldn’t be more satisfied and delighted with both his work and the man himself. Chuck is friendly, laid-back, encouraging, and fun; the genuine article. His work is, in a word, impeccable.

He responded quickly to my initial inquiry (within a day), he spent a very fruitful and productive initial session with me, identifying just what to include in the demo based on my signature and his immense knowledge of this business. He sent me customized scripts based on how each product positions itself and my character style for each. As for the recording session, I never had so much fun and felt so good about my work. Chuck is a great director and easy to work with. I came prepared, and so did he!

But, don’t just hire Chuck to produce your demo, make sure you also get the marketing package that he offers. It is worth it! Chuck’s advice and guidance about where and how to submit your demo is beyond priceless. What would have taken me months (and possibly years) and many missteps to figure out on my own, Chuck gave me in one session. Not only that, he continues to be available to me for questions, and he responds right away. I don’t have to wait long to hear back from him.

Most importantly, from a career perspective, my demo has secured me an agent, and it didn’t take long! And it continues to get me work on a regular basis. Working with Chuck Duran has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my voiceover career.

Mike Brang

WOW! Working with you, Chuck has already MORE than paid for itself. AND in less than a month, I might add! After getting my demos done with you, I was invited to audition by a casting company that recently looked me over after submitting my other commercial demo. Not only did your demo open the door, but I got the job and am proud to say that you'll soon be hearing me as the national voice for Oreck Vacuums!

And it doesn't end there. Thanks to your amazing ability I've booked jobs with Lowe's, Coca Cola, McDonalds, Custom Ink, Hamilton Beach and more! I also followed your instructions on gaining further representation to expand my reach and am happy to say that your demos gained me 2 more agents, one of which is in Vancouver!

I can't thank you enough for the dedication, hard work and overall badass quality that you put into my demos in order to help me further my career. The price I paid was a great investment in myself and I couldn't be happier with the results. My only regret is that I didn't find out about you sooner. I can't tell you the amount of money I could've SAVED if I just would've had you do my demos first -- My other demos weren't converting NEARLY as much as yours.

Thanks again, Chuck!!! You're the absolute BEST at what you do! [If anyone reading this feels the need to reach out and chat about my experience with Chuck Duran, feel free to do so. I can be reached at In this business, we succeed by standing on each others shoulders.

Francesca Manzi

Recording my commercial demos with Chuck was a blast from start to finish! He’s really laid-back & makes the process very easy. I loved how thorough he was - from the personality questions in the consultation that allowed us to figure out my strongest vocal qualities & therefore pick commercials that worked really well for my particular voice, to the detailed direction that I got in the booth on my reads.

He also works with you until you’re completely happy with the final product, which was a necessity for a perfectionist like me! The marketing info was SO useful too - I followed the strategy and landed a fantastic agent within a month of starting my email campaign! I also took Chuck’s advice on equipment and now have a solid, A-1 kit for my home recording studio. All in all, Chuck is fantastic - go work with him, I promise you won’t regret it!

Grant Leevo

When I made the decision to step from the business side of advertising and entertainment over to the talent side, I knew I had a very challenging road ahead. As you read these other testimonials you’ll quickly see that Chuck’s amazing abilities as a producer are truly unmatched. What you’re reading here is accurate, authentic and spot on.

I grew exponentially during Chuck’s unique demo production process and enjoyed every minute from start to finish. But, the story doesn’t end there… Chuck maps out everything you need to do to find “you” and helps define where you may fit and excel in this competitive VO industry.

In a land overflowing with classes, coaches and books on the voiceover industry, candid and accurate advice from one credible source is priceless. Chuck Duran is that source. When you pull back the curtain looking for that Wizard of Oz of VO, you’ll find Chuck Duran…bringing his magic to what you’ve had all along.

Taji Coleman

If you are SERIOUS about a career in voiceovers, Chuck Duran is worth investing your time and money!!! Chuck isn't that guy who just pulls some random copy for you to record, then throws sound effects over it.

Its a 2 part process! He gets to know you and your personality. Then he creates original copy tailored just for you and you only. The day you record, its all about you and making sure it sounds right. And he will let you know if it ain't right.

As a result, I came out with a Rockin demo, sent it out and landed a Top VO talent agent. First thing they said when they called was "I loved what I heard".

Austin Rising

From the get go, I was after the big fish in the VO industry for representation. I needed a demo that reflected that aim and could get attention. When I heard the finished product, I couldn't stop listening to it. Again and again and again I played it and so did my friends and family but more important, so did the top industry pros.

I ended up booking a gaming job right off that demo alone because my friend heard it and said: "it sounds like your voice is an instrument and it's coming through you from somewhere else- it's awesome." Everybody loves it. I blasted it around town and it led me to get signed with a top L.A. VO Agency.

I highly recommend the Chuck Duran experience and it is that, an experience. You'll get a great return on your investment like I did. You'll be seeing more of me in your studio Chuck!

Lisa Larsen

Having Chuck Duran produce my demo was one of the best decisions I made when launching my voiceover career. Chuck met with me to discuss the spots we'd use on my demo before we went in to record, and he made sure that I had spots that were relevant to today's voiceover market and that showcased my abilities.

When we recorded the demo, his direction was excellent, and he definitely pulled my best performances out of me. And the final production of the demo was top notch! I was able to get an agent off that demo and have since booked a variety of radio spots, commercials, marketing videos and industrials. My recent clients include Mazda, Mercury Insurance, Experian and Epson, and I've booked some of my jobs directly from my demo, without having to audition!

Having a great demo is essential to getting your foot in the door in this industry, and you're in good hands with Chuck!

Linda Poff

Dear Future Voice Over Rock Star,

Yes, that will be your name once YOU have experienced a Chuck Duran Demo! If your current demo has not been created by Chuck, it's just vanilla my friend. Allow me the indulgence of your time as I tell my Rockin' Demo story.


From the moment you walk into Chuck's studio, YOU are the celebrity. He listens to you, talks to you and he hears every word you say. He asks you questions and gets your feedback. From that meeting of your minds, he creates THE demo that showcases your talent and your voice. After your first visit with Chuck, magic happens.

Your personalized scripts arrive and you get to see exactly why Chuck's creative process is so sought after. Next, you are in the recording booth and Chuck is your very own coach. He nurtures, guides and encourages you with a positive and supportive environment. Through this process, he brings out the absolute best in you. Finally, you hear just how amazing you are when you get your demo back.

It's no joke fellow artists, this man is the real deal. There is only ONE PLACE you need to go for your demo; DemosThatRock!!!

Ryan Mill

THANK YOU CHUCK! The demos are amazing. They are the perfect tool for me to stand out in the ears of the buyers. Plus, the process of creating them was fantastic. Unfortunately, being across the country I could not come to your place, but with Skype it was like I was right there.

Beyond all of that, the added bonus is the 'Jedi Mind Trick' you pulled. Ya know, where you're a really nice guy and extremely supportive during the process and then that builds confidence and I start booking jobs because someone believes in me and my demos are killer. Yeah, that one. Confidence is a powerful thing, Chuck. And you filled me to the brim. Thank you my friend!

Melissa Bagwell

Working with Chuck Duran on my new commercial demo was a dream. He knows the industry so well and was beyond professional - and of course creative! I really appreciated the strategy sessions we did in advance to ensure my demo really reflected my personal style, strengths and range. He was also beyond helpful during the recording session and provided invaluable tips and ideas to deliver the copy in new ways.

I liked working with him so much that I also signed up for his marketing program to secure agents in the major VO markets. Within the first week I had two agent offers and I am now up to five offers from reputable agencies throughout the United States. Plus, I am now receiving killer auditions. Worth every penny! Thank you Chuck.

Amy Hilburn

If you truly want to make yourself stand out, Demos That Rock will make it happen. It was super easy, and Chuck is such a nice guy, you will feel completely comfortable with him.

Within 3 months of finishing my demos, I got personal requests to audition for a kid's toy, an ADR for multiple characters in a video game, a giant E-learning project, and acquired an agent, ALL based on my demo. Not only that, I landed a multiple book audiobook job that I never would have auditioned for if I didn't take Chuck's advise on what to change in my studio set-up. And, if you really want to educate yourself in the business, get the marketing package. You seriously won't regret it.

With the combination of the two (demos & marketing plan), I gained so much more traffic on my P2P sites, and my website has more global traffic in one month then I had all year! Now, I'm completely confident in the professional package I present to clients, and it's all thanks to Chuck and my amazing demos that totally ROCK!

Jeff Nimoy

I’m a successful VO director, who decided to try voice acting again, after being on the other side of the glass for 15 years. I asked around to all my successful acting friends, “who made the best demos?” and the name Chuck Duran kept coming up time and time again.

I knew Chuck from his show VO Buzz Weekly, but I didn’t know how great a producer he was until I worked with him. Take it from me, I’m an Emmy Award winning VO director, and Chuck is as good a VO director and producer as I’ve ever worked with in the industry! Not only does he keep his finger on the pulse of what’s hot and hip at any given moment, but he drew performances out of me that I didn’t know I had in me!

He also taught me a marketing plan that was foolproof! Literally within weeks of having finished demos, I had multiple meetings with many top VO agencies, and I wound up signing with WME, the biggest agency in the world! Not bad for a guy who hasn’t been on anyone’s radar for 15 years! They never would have even given me a meeting if my demos weren’t killer, and my marketing plan wasn’t on point.

You know the expression, “You get what you pay for?” Well, don’t take any chances with your career. Make the most important business investment of your life. Pay for the best, and the best is Chuck Duran and Demos That Rock!

Chris Rice
# Things that have happened since I've begun working with Chuck Duran: - I've bought a house - Potential mates have found me marginally more attractive - I've signed with a major LA agency.

Sure, one or more of those occurrences may be purely coincidental. But working with Chuck has definitely been one of the best investments in my career. The demos really do rock... his direction is spot on, the production is very "now", and everything jumps right out of the speakers. The post-demo consult was absolutely priceless. And the fact that he's a good dude that's great to work with makes it that much better.

Teke Tabor

Chuck, you don't need me to assert that you rock. As a Duran enthusiast, however, I must share the victories our demos and our strategies have yielded.

My business has enjoyed the most profitable first quarter in its history! In the same period, my rockin' demos earned me agents in Atlanta and Austin. There's interest from New York and LA, too. I'm over the moon about these successes! Working with you has been rewarding, enlightening, and a total blast. Your sincerity, your experience, and your generosity are windfalls for any aspiring or established voice actor.

Rocking and being a consummate professional don't often go hand-in-hand, but you are a bold, yet smooth, blend of both. Thanks for everything, man!

Christine Padovan

Hey Chuck, things have been so crazy since you did my demo for me that I can't even breathe most days!

So cool - your demo got me into ACM Management in February - a dream of mine for the last 6 years! I'm one of only 3 female conservative political party voice artists on their roster! Marc Guss was so impressed, he emailed me within a minute of listening to the demo!

I also got a better Regional agency (TAG) and between the two, my daily audition count is off the charts! Plus my current production companies and agencies reached out to me after listening to the demo. ACM is already plugging me for political spots which should start hopping soon. I just can't thank you enough for helping me create such a kick-ass demo! This is going to be a great money year for me in voiceover - YOU rock!

Isaac Robinson-Smith

There is absolutely no doubt that Chuck Duran is and will continue to be the absolute best at truly creating a demo that rocks! Every step of his process made me feel at home, and consequently that much more confident in creating a great demo.

He took the time to figure out where my natural voice sits, which types of spots would be best suited for me in today's market, and gave me pro direction which brought out my strongest possible performance. And the best part was that he made it all very easy and extremely fun!

Within a month and a half of my demo being completed, I signed with one of the top agencies in L.A. The only thing that's more rockin' than Chuck's demos is Chuck himself!

Samuel Fleming

Chuck Duran is PHENOMENAL!!! After going through quite a few demo producers and thousands of dollars, I was a bit hesitant when initially referred to Chuck for my new Commercial Demo. But, after our first session I realized how amazingly creative Chuck is at making each demo unique. Whatever fears I had before, vanished and the demo process went through without a hitch. The audio quality was killer, and the production was solid.

After a year of having my demo on the market, I have now gained much better traction on the P2P sites as well as on my own site. Additionally, the demo has opened the door for me to work with Doritos Canada, HP, Travel Channel, and many other large and small companies. Plus, I’ve been able to sign with five additional agencies. Thanks Chuck! You and your company are completely amazing!!!

I highly recommend Chuck to anyone that wants to not only further their career, but soundly invest in their future!

Jason Rooney

When it was time to freshen up my promo demo, I needed something different and fresh so Chuck Duran was at the top of my list. As we recorded the segments I was pleasantly surprised how knowledgeable and hands on he was to get the overall sound we were looking for. From his insight recommending shows he thought would work best for my style to the recording process giving feedback,

I couldn't have asked for more. He understood EXACTLY what I was looking for and then just delivered! Matter of fact, I booked promos for Bravo, USA, E!, and Oxygen simply from my agent sending out that demo. Bonus... he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever be around. Jason Rooney: Promo & In-Show for The Wendy Williams Show, Travel Channel, HGTV, Science Channel, PBS and TruTV.

Ted Stewart

Chuck, I am so thankful for all you have done for me man. I was thinking back not long ago and telling my wife how instrumental you have been in the success I have had. You believed in me and helped to open some big doors that made all the difference in the world.

You are like the VO Whisperer! You saw the potential and encouraged me to persevere.. and your demos are freakin amazing! I am fully convinced that I would not have done some of the big gigs that I have had with Disney, FOX, NBC, CBS and so many otherss if it wasn’t for your help and support. You rock and I am so thankful for our friendship.

Joe Filippone

In our business if you want to be the best you have to go to the best, and hen it comes to voice over demos Chuck Duran is an expert and in my opinion there is no one better than him. 

From the first meeting I knew I was in good hands. Chuck takes the time to get to know you and find out what you want in your voice over career so that he can truly make a demo that rocks that shows off your strengths and will get you noticed by everyone in the industry. 

Chuck stays in communication with you and is a true champion for voice actors. From offering business and marketing recommendations to coaches, to even giving you suggestions on things to do to make sure you come across as a professional and stand out; Chuck does everything in his power to make sure your voice over dreams comes true. 

In the booth Chuck gives you amazing direction to make sure you shine. He is patient, helpful and his natural enthusiasm insures that the day of your recording will be one of the best days of your life. 

Within two weeks of receiving my commercial voice over demo I was signed with a great agent and now my carreer is moving forward.

So run, don't walk, and have Chuck Duran make you a demo that rocks! Thanks again Chuck. I'll definitely be coming back to you to make my animation and game demos."

Rick Riley
# Since I am good in the edit room, I’ve always done all my own demos, but recently I felt that I should update with demos that were produced by someone who was known as being at the top of their game, and that was Chuck Duran. 

Being ‘top of their game’ means a lot of things. Not just piecing something together, but knowing ‘what’ to piece together. What is in demand. What are agents looking for. What are the current trends. That’s just as important as the production of the demo. So I took the Chuck Duran experience and here’s what I got: 

Chuck set up a time for us to chat to find out about me and discuss what would be best ares for my signature sound. Then we put together the type of reads we wanted to go for under his recommendation. We mapped out the exact direction for both of my demos. The phone call took about two hours. 

2 weeks later he sent the scripts that were custom writen for me and recommended I do a demp prep coaching session with Jodi Gotlieb. I learned a lot. I’m not a rookie, I currently do NFL work for the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, Collegiate for Notre Dame and features for NFL Films. So I know how to read and I’ve done promos for each, BUT, learning what’s current in the TV industry is very important if one wants to be current and work.

With that under my belt, I did the session with Chuck and the session went great We just did a phone patch where he directed me, I performed, he made note of which takes he wanted to use and asked me to send him those takes.  Bottom line, he produced two demos that I could not. And along the way, I learned from coaching and insight as to how to be more competitive with current trends in the market. Thank you, Chuck!


Jason LaShea
# Hey Chuck,
I just wanted to give you an update on my VO Adventures and let you know about a couple of really cool developments:
1.  I just booked an awesome Video Game project... based solely on the rockin' power of my Kick A$$ Animation Demo!!  Didn't even have to audition for the thing.  How sweet is that?!?!
2.  As of last week, I officially joined Team Abrams Talent and I'm really looking forward to where this new Agent Journey leads. WaHoo!!
Thank you so much for all your help, insights and guidance from Producing my Demos, and working with me on a solid business/marketing plan to get my home studio in order... all the way to giving me that nudge I needed to switch Agencies, hunt for a new one and put my Career on track to get to the next level.
I am very grateful and look forward to continue to work with you in the future, Fine Sir!!
 You indeed Rock, Obi-Chuck!!!  :-D
Sean Rohani
# Hey Chuck! Since we recorded my new commercial demo and went over the marketing strategy, among other things, I landed a couple of excellent regional agents, one of which helped me get a couple of roles on the mega-game "Just Cause 4" which made me a SAG must-join! I also recently booked a Google commercial which has officially made me join the union!
I absolutely relied on the commercial sound you harnessed on my demo for the Google spots and found VO Buzz weekly helpful for my video game booking so I want to say two things:
1. Thank you so much again for helping take my career literally and figuratively to the next level!
2. I've already made plans to be a guest on VO Buzz Weekly by 2020 so keep your calendars open!
You ROCK, Chuck!
Renelle Roberts

Hey Chuck, Hope all is well! I would just like to say THANK YOU! For years I've worked at building my voice over business, and tonight I accomplished a major goal: I recorded for Disney Pictures from my home studio!

As a stay-at-home mom, living in Virginia, the only access I had to VO training was through VO Buzz Weekly. I watched your show religiously and reached out to many of your guests. Thanks to your show, I trained with Jodi Gottlieb, did my commercial and promo demos and marketing with you, got pocketed by DPN Talent and Jason Marks Talent Management, and now I'm living my dream! Thank you for all the love and effort you and Stacey put in to sharing your wisdom, it's meant the world to me!

katie McCollow
# I knew if I wanted to participate at the highest level in this field, I’d need the best commercial demo possible, and Chuck Duran was the only choice. Along with his unsurpassed expertise, I got a fantastic, kind, generous and enthusiastic cheerleader, who made me feel confident so I could reach my goal - which I did. Rockin’ new demo in hand, I followed his Marketing Plan advice to the letter and within a month of submitting, I got signed with a top Los Angeles VO agency.  THANK YOU CHUCK!
Rich Summers
# Coming from the world of radio broadcasting, I knew I would face some resistance from clients and talent agencies that didn’t want a “radio guy” doing their spots. Chuck has guided me through the process of re-inventing myself and the transformation from radio guy to voice actor. 

Working with Chuck and having him produce my demo has been one of the most satisfying and best professional experiences I’ve had in some time. He pulled things out of me I didn’t know I could do. With his marketing help, I’ve also picked up representation from with multiple talent agencies.

Invest in yourself and your career… and work Chuck! It will be one of the best business decisions you’ll make!
Zeke Alton

Chuck Duran put together an outstanding new demo for me! He tapped into my signature sound, showcased my versatility and helped me put my best foot forward to allow me to be competitive.

Chuck’s demos are top-notch productions, they’re relevant to today’s market, and they helped me stand out from the crowd. I cut my voiceover demo with Chuck just before moving to LA, and within weeks of arrival, I was signed by a massive bicoastal voiceover agency.

Alexa Rose

Working with Chuck Duran was such a joy! I not only got amazing demos and the information I needed to get signed by my dream agent but I also gained a ton of knowledge and had a ton of fun during the process as well.

Chuck takes the time to get to know YOU and really tailors your demos to your strengths and the current VO trends. I'm so happy with how my demos came out and I recommend Chuck to all my actor friends looking to break in or level-up in their careers!

Jessica Peterson

The best thing about working with Chuck Duran and Demos That Rock- besides his mad skills, and his undeniable ability to make you feel comfortable and valued - is that he doesn’t leave you fumbling for “what do I do next?”. His marketing plan gives you a clear process on what you need to do to get agent representation and get jobs by showing you how to put your best foot forward.

He’s got excellent recommendations for it all - coaches, website designers, what agents you should talk to, creating a home studio - and HOW you should go about each step. Creating a demo with Demos That Rock is fun and stress-free, and the product is incredible.

With Chuck’s help, I was able to get great representation quickly, and within a week of signing, I booked my first gig! I definitely would not have gotten there without the help of the amazing team at Demos That Rock. I highly recommend them for anyone who is serious about their voiceover career!

Tess Bartholomew

I’ve always heard that Chuck Duran was the absolute best in the business, and now I know why! Not only did he work with me on my demo (which I love), but he really helped guide me in matters of the business and how to set me up for success.

Working with him has helped me feel prepared and confident AND I got an agent right away! I’m pretty sure it was a combination of the demo and just hearing he produced it! I feel like everyone in the business understands you’re in good hands with Chuck and I whole-heartedly agree. I would recommend working with Chuck Duran to anyone.

John Sanders
Chuck Duran didn’t just create my voiceover demos, he helped me build a VO marketing strategy. Chuck worked with me on everything from performance to branding, making sure I was speaking to just the right audience in my demos. After a great 2 plus hour pre-production meeting, we cranked out a few reels that really did ROCK. Less than a week after he sent them out to agents I was signed by a top agency in LA which was my goal.

Chuck has his fingers on the pulse of this industry, and he’ll make sure that your demos are right for YOU and you'll end up with a tool that will help you get to where you’re trying to go. Chuck rocks!